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Head of Infectious Diseases Clinic, University of Maryland, USA says

  We may have to live with C19 for months or years.  Don't deny or panic.  Don't make your life a misery.  Let's learn to live with this reality.   You can't destroy the C19 virus that has penetrated the cell walls, by drinking liters of hot water - you'll just be going to the bathroom more often. [...]

April 14, 2021|Categories: Blog|

My Two Cents on COVID

As a physician who has treated hundreds of patients with COVID personally, these are my views on COVID.  During the height of COVID, I was seeing almost 40-50 patients every day with active COVID infections personally and physically.  These patients were seen in the nursing homes and hospitals.  In my opinion, at this point in time there is [...]

October 25, 2020|Categories: Blog|
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